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Running Shoes Should Feel Comfortable

In the past runners were encouraged to select shoes that matched their individual foot types and pronation habits. But now some fitness experts are claiming that comfort may actually be Read More

Plantar Warts Need Medical Treatment

Plantar warts is a contagious symptom caused by human papilloma virus (HPV). People are rendered susceptible to developing HPV when walking barefoot in  high moisture areas such as bare floors, Read More

Obesity Causing Limb Amputation Epidemic in Scotland

According to new data from the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, about one hundred Scottish citizens have limbs amputated every month due to health conditions they developed as a result Read More

Triathlete Viz Beats Personal Goal

When he started his training a few months ago, avid triathlon runner Akhil Viz decided that he would complete this year’s Cotswold 113 in less than four hours and thirty Read More

NFL Player Suffers Achilles Tendon Injury

Atlanta Falcon Sean Weatherspoon was forced to end his 2014 season early due to rupturing his Achilles tendon. Weatherspoon’s condition was further confirmed in a team statement by Falcons coach Read More

Stunts on “Hunger Games†Set Gave Michelle Forbes a Sprained Ankle

On the Hunger Games set in Berlin, Germany, Michelle Forbes, who plays the character of Lieutenant Jackson, received several injuries. The injuries came as a result of stunts gone awry Read More

Cary Elwes reveals that he Filmed ‘Princess Bride’ with a Broken Toe

Actor Cary Elwes—best known as the farm boy who becomes Dread Pirate Robert’s protégé then dies and gets revitalized a few times in Princess Bride—will release a memoir about the Read More

Television Host with Flat Feet Supports Dance

Chris Bath of Seven Sunday Night used to be a ballet dancer. Unfortunately flat feet and knock-keeps kept the future host from taking her dance career even further; today, however, Read More

High Heels Detrimentally Effecting Younger Crowd

Women who often bypass comfort for the sake of style are finding that this decision may be detrimental to their foot health, according to WRIC Newsroom. The current trend of Read More

Morton’s Neuroma Doesn’t End the Race for Notable Participant

Laura Caradonna-Dubiel finished within a seven-minute range over the course of five Boston Marathons. In her first marathon she finished at 4:47:08, in 2010 she came in at 4:41:48, her best time, Read More

Bette Midler Loses Toenail in Texas

Singers have long been losing hearts in specific states—Tony Benet lost his in San Francisco, Kevin Fowler’s is in Oklahoma, and the Stone siblings both seem to have displaced theirs Read More

Army Research says Foot Strike does not impact Injury Rate for Runners

A recent study performed by the U.S. Army looked at injury rates among soldiers who used different foot striking methods when running.  The heel-strike, where the runner lands on the Read More

Mavericks Player Bounces Back from Foot Operation

When Devin Harris was being courted by the Dallas Mavericks last year, they offered him a $9 million dollar contract. However, Harris had incurred a foot injury earlier that season, Read More

Boxer Fights With Blisters on Feet

Boxer Timothy Bradley, claims his last bout with Manny Pacquaio was a loss due to painful blisters Bradley had developed on his feet. Bradley claims that his performance was hampered Read More

Running can be Very Beneficial to Kids

For kids who are overweight or non-athletic, running can be a fun and effective way to stay in shape. It doesn’t require any equipment beyond proper footwear, making it very Read More

College Runner Makes Recovery from Injuries

East Tennessee State junior Christian Brewer is an avid competitive runner. Unfortunately, during his last year in high school Brewer sustained a broken femur bone. Brewer struggled to recover from Read More

Viewing 129 - 144 out of 152 posts
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